About Me

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Hey! My name is Blakeley Winslow, and I’m currently serving on staff with Christian Challenge, the Baptist campus ministry at CU-Boulder.  My particular focus areas include training students in apologetics, developing small curriculum, and reaching out to internationals on campus.  I also love relational evangelism, and getting to share the Gospel with people in a one-on-one setting. I am serving through the “Mission Service Corps” branch of the North American Mission Board, which means that I am one of thousands of men and women throughout North America who, in response to God’s call, raise their own support to go into the mission field! I arrived in Boulder in August 2014, and have truly felt blessed to serve here so far.

As for my academic background, I am a 2011 graduate of Baylor University’s Truett Seminary. In addition to my master’s of divinity, I have a PhD in modern British history from the University of Virginia. I have long had a heart for college ministry, dating back to the fact that I experienced a major crisis of belief following my freshman year at Vanderbilt. At that time, I wasn’t really involved in a campus ministry, and even though I was a Christian, I essentially had to work through my doubts and questions in isolation, because I hadn’t found a community of other believers to share them with. Looking back, I realize how important the Body of Christ is—both in the local church, and also through ministries which provide community for students where they are—on the campus. It is my hope that through this blog, you can gain a little more insight into some of the theological questions that I ponder while I live and serve in Boulder! It’s a true blessing for me to be able to share in this way with you, and in many ways these blog posts represent my spiritual journal. I pray that you may find something here that you can identify with in your own spiritual journey, and if you’re reading this and don’t yet have a personal relationship with Jesus, here’s a good website where you can get a little more information. God Bless, and I welcome your thoughts, reflections, and comments!!




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