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fbc montgomery

Here is the website for my home church, First Baptist Montgomery. What a great congregation, and as a missionary, you couldn’t ask for a better sending church!


challengelogo On campus at CU-Boulder, the ministry I am serving with is called Christian Challenge. It’s the Baptist campus ministry. They also have a facebook page. Here is a link for more information about Project Impact Denver. This is a summer program that offers many Christian Challenge students the chance to experience missional living, and it is just one way that we promote evangelism and spiritual growth amongst our students!



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I am serving under the authority of the North American Mission Board. My particular branch of NAMB is known as the Mission Service Corps. This is a group of self-funded missionaries who work under mission board supervision in a variety of ministries across the USA and Canada. The Mission Board provides us with the training and support to fulfill the Great Commission, and thanks to the annual Annie Armstrong offering, 100% of the support I raise goes directly to me!! Most other campus ministries can not offer such a complete return on your investment. For example, Campus Crusade currently deducts 12% of its staff members’ support for various administrative expenses.

One of main ministry focuses with Christian Challenge at Colorado will be reaching out to international students. You can go to this website to find out more about how the university provides programs and resources for international students. Many of these, such as the International Coffee Hour will provide an excellent forum for me to meet international students, and start conversations that will hopefully lead to me being able to share my faith, and invite them to become involved with our group!



international students inc

Speaking of reaching the nations on campus, International Students, Inc. is a ministry dedicated to helping equip and train Americans to dialogue with, and witness to international students who are studying here. They are actually headquartered in Colorado Springs.They have helpfully provided some great summaries of the worldviews of major religions, and how Christian doctrine is unique and distinctive from each of them. There is also a good summation here about the exclusivity of Christ and Biblical authority as the Word of God.



In addition to working with international students, another key focus of mine is training students in apologetics. And there’s a ministry which is providing some great apologetics resources for churches, and is based in Birmingham, Alabama. It was started by a great guy named Matt Burford, and is called Tactical Faith. They also provide organize apologetics conferences, including the annual SALT (Strategic Answers for Life’s Thoughts) Conference held at First Baptist Montgomery. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend this year’s SALT Conference. All of the speakers I heard were excellent, and covered a wide range of topics from Biblical archaeology, to how to respond to atheists, and better understanding difficult texts of the Old Testament. This link will take you to videos of all of the speakers. I highly recommend checking them out!


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